Hi, I am Betsy a local guide. I was born in Oaxaca and I am so proud to be from here. Oaxaca is a state that offers to the world arts, mysticism, traditions, unique natural destinies, pre-hispanic drinks, delicious food, festivities, celebrations and much more. I am in love of Oaxaca, for that reason I have created Me Encanta Oaxaca, to share and show you the cultural and artistic richness, the gastronomic richness through out incredible experiences that will make your journey worth.

As a good host, I will take you to cool and interesting places where you will appreciate the fine arts and crafts made by the local artisans, I will also take you cozy to restaurants where you will taste delicious traditional food and a good mezcal.

At the end of the guide I am sure that you will be enchanted, too!

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