Market + Tule tree + Teotitlán del Valle + Zapotec cuisine + Mezcal factory

Firstly, we will stop in a charming town where the colors, smells, taste and nature are together in a same place. There, I will guide you to some food stants where I will explain you about the food that you will try.

In that village you wil also appreciate the widest tree in the world where I will explain you the most important facts about it and the shapes found on its trunk.

Our second stop will be at a weavers’ house where this family will show you all the process needed to make beautiful rugs dyed by natural dyes.

Then, we will have a great lunch! In this restaurant you will be delighted by the zapotec cuisine that will be cooked at the moment just for you.

Finally, we will visit a Palenque in other words a Mezcal Factory, where you will have the opportunity to taste different flavors of this prehispanic drink.

This trip includes 1 bottle of water, 2 curaditos or crema de mezcal. This trip does not include the cost of admission of the entrance to the Tule tree, and the cost of the food and mezcal neither.

Book 2 days before this trip.