Oaxaca Experience Tours

All the Experience Tours are outside of the city, are private and customized to the travellers’ likes, times, needs and ages. Please, you can check the information below of the places you can choose to customize your tour.

experience tour textile design

*Normally, the experience tours last more of 5 hours.

*All the Experience Tours include:

  • Private tour
  • Travel insurance
  • Cost of all entrances
  • Pick up and drop off to your hotel
  • Breakfast at a local stall
  • Courtesy drinks
  • Taste of Crema de mezcal
  • Taste of Curadito de mezcal

*All the Experience Tours  don’t include:

  • The cost of the lunch
  • Tips


Please feel free to ask me for more details and price rates and you can pay the deposit using Paypal. Book now.

Oaxaca Experience Tours
Experience Tours


experience tour mezcal

We will visit one or several family-owned Palenques, best known as mezcal distillery. 

There, a family member will lead you through the Palenque. All your sense will wake up, as you will see, smell, taste and touch all the different types of maguey plants that exist, the collection of the piñas de maguey, the baking of the piñas, the smashing, the smell of fermentation, the smell of the distillation and finally the taste of more of 8 types of mezcal, some with blends or herbs, young and age mezcal. Meanwhile you taste mezcal relax, sit comfortably and enjoy the mixture of baked and salty peanuts, chocolate and mezcal.

( *** Instead of visiting one mezcal factory we can also visit two as well, due to mezcal change in tastes according to the process that mezcaleros make).

San Lorenzo Albarradas  |  Santiago Matatlán  |  Santa Catarina Minas



We will visit towns dedicated to Arts & Crafts far from Oaxaca city, where family members of artisans preserve their hand-crafted inheritance. In the Experience Tour, the craftspeople will personally attend to you, they will explain you and show all the natural resources that they use and all process they make to create wonderful pieces of arts. There, you will have time either to make your own piece if you want or to try the handcraft, always led by the master in the subject. 

  • Rugs dyed with natural resources -Teotitlán del Valle
  • Red Pottery - San Marcos Tlapazola 
  • Alebrijes (carved Woods) - San Martín Tilcajete 
  • Alebrijes (carved Woods) - Arrazola
  • Embroidered textiles - San Antonino Castillo
  • Big yellow pottery sculptures - San Antonino Castillo
  • Embroidered shoes - Huayapam
  • Artisanal knives and swords - Ocotlán de Morelos
  • Green glazed pottery - Santa María Atzompa


experience tours markets

We will visit old traditional markets out of the city, where locals and native people from the region go and sell their products that they make on their own. 

Normally, you can taste traditional oaxacan food like memelas, empanadas, tacos, tlayudas, quesadillas, goat / lamb barbecue, grilled meat and chorizo, homemade bread, pulque, agua miel and fresh water of seasonal fruit.

Wednesday – Etla   |  Thursday – Zaachila  |  Friday – Ocotlán de Morelos  |  Saturday – Central de Abastos


experience tour hierve el agua

Oaxaca has many natural destinies along the state, but the most visited ones are the Tule tree and the waterfalls of Hierve el agua.

Tule Tree, we will arrive in the town of Tule, where we will visit see the widest tree in the world, there I will explain you the most important facts about it and show you the figures that have appeared on its bark. Besides, you will have time to explore and eat delicious sorbert from the region.

Hierve el Agua, is a group of petrified waterfalls at the community of San Lorenzo Albarradas, this is a good scape from the city to swim at the top of the mountain with a great landscape. There I will explain you the most important facts about it, you will have time to explore, swim or walk on the trail.