In this food walking tour you’ll try really and tasty different dishes from the State of Oaxaca. Walk in a old neighborhood, learn about the culture & history away from the touristy crowds in 4 hours.

Our 1st. stop

Will be at a stall on the street to have a taco made of home made big tortilla, called blanda; stuffed with chorizo, an spicy pork sausage and quesillo, warmed on a hot-plate.

The 2nd. stop

Will be at a mezcalería to have a Pulque, a pre-hispanic drink. This is white, natural, viscous, alcoholic and refreshing one.

The 3rd. stop

Will be at a stall on the street to have an authentic oaxacan taco made of homemade stews plus a chile relleno wrapped-up with egg white, the main chili is originally from the Central Valley of Oaxaca, it has a peculiar and smoky flavor + an agua fresca of natural fruit.

Our 4th. Stop

Will be at a restaurant located in a very colorful, old and nice neighborhood. Here you’ll have 4 main dishes from the Isthmus like a garnacha, molote, tamal de elote and chile rellleno + a mexican drink made of rice.

The 5th. Stop

Will be at a family-owned restaurant to have a pre-hispanic and tasty seafood broth cooked with a burning stone + a fresh water or beer.

The last stop

Will be at a mixology bar, in that bar everybody is welcomed, and the ingredients used are natural and from the region. There, you will have a mixology of a sorbet of horchata with mezcal, fruit, flowers with crunchy nuts + a mezcal cocktail made of melón, agave honey, amareto, etc.