From Tacos to Pozole and from Mezcal to Mezcal cocktail, enjoy the evening vibe of the city.

Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s foremost food destinations. The state has great gastronomic culture that there is a wide range of ingredients and methods of preparation, many of these dating back to pre-Hispanic times, corn is the main dietary staple, and it is served in an infinite variety of ways. When evening comes the best street stalls or Cenadurías open at night, the challenge is to know where to go and what to eat. Join us and discover what a local dines out and finish the tour with a great mezcal cocktail with a good environment in the terrace.


TLAYUDA.-  Tlayudas are the quintessential street food in the state. It’s a giant tortilla, topped with lard and creamy bean mixture, then layered with Oaxacan stringy cheese, and usually some veggies like cabbage, lettuce, avocado, and tomato. Then the tlayuda is grilled to perfection on a comal (a flat griddle) or an open flame. It’s served either open face (like a pizza) or folded, visually it’s often compared to pizza because of the size and toppings. But that doesn’t describe the taste!. It´s pared with Tasajo (a thinly-sliced beef cuts grilled popular topping) or chorizo (a flavored pork spicy sausage grilled used as topping as well).

AGUA FRESCA.- This is a typical and refresing drink made of season and fresh fruit like hibiscus (jamaica flower), horchata, tamarind, etc.

POZOLE .- Although pozole is a popular dish across Mexico, the Oaxacan variety is particularly delicious. Pozole is a traditional soup made from hominy, your choice of meat pork, chicken or beef, and topped with lime, cabbage, chile, radishes, onions and cilantro and scooped up with tostadas, guacamole, pickled onions and sauce.

TACOS DE LECHÓN.- In this stand there is only two types of tacos – both of lechon (suckling pig): pierna (leg), and chicharron (pork skin). I can’t emphasize how delicious these are. It’s a popular spot with locals, and for good reason.

MEZCAL TASTINGS.- Worldwide there are 210 species of agaves, nonetheless 159 grow along Mexico, so Mexico is known as the country of Agaves. There are a few states that grow it, however Oaxaca has the mayor number with 37 species, for instance it’s called the cradle of mezcal because of different reasons that you will know in the tour, meanwhile you taste an ancestral mezcal shot and an artisanal shot of different agaves.

MEZCAL COCKTAIL AND DESSERT.- The last place is a must go,  you will savor a Mezcal cocktail with characteristics that range from earthy to smoky, from fresh to savory when its autor blends local flavors, herbs, fresh fruit, agave honey and cold mezcal (always drank in normal temperature) which will be paired with a delicious dessert based on a prehispanic drink, nuts, flowers and fruit.


  • Guided tour with 5 stops in a mile
  • Price includes all food and drinks (enough for dinner)
  • Mezcal guide and information
  • Neighborhood guide
  • Bottle of water


  • Not recommended for vegetarians neither vegans
  • Weather conditions: Tour takes place rain or shine
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before this tour
  • Walking tour
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off are not included.
  • Transportation to/from meeting point not included
  • Menu subject to change depending on availability