I offer you different services according to your needs. All the services include a drink as courtesy.
Customized Route
In this service you have the opportunity to select your favorite destinies.
I created three different routes with varied destinies, where you will have the opportunity to visit nice places and to spend time with local artisans, maestros mezcaleros, local merchants or even families.
Walking Guide in the City
Would you like to improve your spanish while you learn a bit of history, know about important characters from Oaxaca, appreciate beautiful architectural buildings and visit known interesting places and unknown ones in a cheap price? (Book before others). No worries!!! This walking guide in the city is also available in English.
Gastronomic & Cultural Guide out of the city
This guide out of the city is a mix of culture and prehispanic food and prehispanic drink best known as mezcal. You will love it!