Mexico City: Street Food Bike Tours




We do food tours by bike as if we were out exploring the city with our friends.

Mexico is Not Only Tacos

    In this tour we explore some of the highlights of Mexico City and 3 neighborhoods that are the most trendy and hip at the moment in the city. We recommend this tour when it is your first time in Mexico and you want to get an introduction to what the city is all about….

Mexico-City Off The Beaten Track

    We visit 3 of the neighborhoods that were the first to emerge in Mexico City and many go unnoticed because they do not hear about them , however. We recommend this tour to those who have already seen all the highlights and want to learn more about daily life in Mexico.

Night Street Food Bike Tour

    On this tour you have the opportunity to try food that you can only get at night, as the food in Mexico City is different depending on the time of the day. This tour is a very easy going as we know that after a long day you might be a little tired, but would like to continue exploring the city.

If you are in Mexico City and love food tours and bikes, 
hire the best in the city.